About Us


SNL Global is a proprietary private equity trading firm that seeks to build low-risk high-yield income portfolios for our partners. Notably, SNL Global is a private equity firm which trades options and futures contracts. Investment returns from our investment models are non correlated to the direction of the stock market. Essentially, our income models seeks to sell out-of-the money options (both calls and puts) on futures contracts, and the S&P 500 index contract to collect monthly premium as income.

SNL Global follows a hedge fund approach, whereby, we use proprietary algorithms to determine the strike prices of the options sold. Thereby, resulting in a high probability trades, to achieve profit objectives consistently.

Our second investment model the Global Asset Allocation Model (GAAM) seeks to achieve substantial capital appreciation through a Macro Global approach. The secondary objective of the GAAM is to offset volatility risks which are inherent in “short” options or premium selling models, while offering the benefit of an absolute return strategy. Lastly, SNL Global programs are designed to allow effective participation by small to mid size accounts. This dual investment model provides downside protection to ensure the best returns available.

SNL Global is also a private equity real estate investment firm that buys and sells properties throughout the greater Dallas-DFW, Florida, New Jersey, New York and surrounding areas. We are proud to provide real estate services in the following areas:

⦁ Residential Redevelopment   ⦁ Short Sales-Loss Mitigation   ⦁ Real Estate Investments
⦁ Deals acquisitions                ⦁ Foreclosure Solutions

SNL Global has passionately pursued its goal to help hundreds of people find an answer to their investment, and real estate needs. Many homeowners, even with challenged credit or other circumstances, through the skills of our professional team have been able to realize their dream of home ownership.

From the beginning, we at SNL Global had a goal to help partners together in real estate doing what we love, and we want to share our passion of real estate with others. Through the years, we’ve developed a solid foundation of real estate investment knowledge, the expertise necessary to navigate any transaction, and have the integrity to follow up on promises. And, the ability to seek absolute returns in any market in the world. Using any investment instrument for low-risk high investment returns.



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