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Nanci Leonard ~ Founder, Wealth Manager, Financial Consultant, Residential Redeveloper, Professional Trader

Nanci Leonard, is the founder of SNL Global a private equity trading investment firm. Ms. Leonard is a independent wealth manager, financial consultant, residential redeveloper, professional derivatives trader that manages a private option-based hedge fund for a group of high-net worth individuals. Also, Ms. Leonard has over eighteen years of experience in managing and directing her own Real Estate investment portfolio. Ms. Leonard also engages in advisory and educational services for individuals, and institution on the proper use of ETF’s for superior portfolio returns and risk management. Ms. Leonard is a well respected trader, and technician who combines fundamentals in psychology and money management to trade professionally. Ms. Leonard began her trading career in 2000 as a equity swing trader, and has since expanded into many sectors. Her style of trading, and market analysis makes it attractive to investors and traders of ETF’s, options, stocks, and futures. This adaptability allows her to be active in any market environment. Allowing for profitability in bull and bear markets. Prior to formulating SNL Global, Ms. Leonard was proprietary trader for Barclays (AU division) and was responsible for management, and growth of the proprietary trading accounts. Ms. Leonard researched NYSE, AMEX, and the NASDAQ markets, executed all investment decisions, prepared daily trading strategies for intraday, and overnight positions. Analyzed charting patterns for investment opportunities, and effected a 25% increase in portfolio value in a bear market. Ms. Leonard has the knowledge and experience to produce amazing returns. Allow SNL Global to give you the power to prosper. SNL Global provides comprehensive wealth management services.

Stephen Leonard~ Chief Option Strategist, Professional Trader, Senior Portfolio Manager, Private Wealth Manager, Financial Consultant, Private Real Estate Investor

Mr. Leonard is chief investment strategist, for SNL Global where he provides real-time intranetnd long-term market analysis, from both a technical and fundamental perspective. Mr. Leonard has more than 20 years of option trading experience. Mr. Leonard is a renowned options expert, specializing in investment analysis, creating technical views and strategies for corporate level clients. Also, specializing in research, financial consultation, investment management, and profitable Real Estate evaluation and location. Additionally, Mr. Leonard was a proprietary equity trader in the equity and options markets. His formal training includes graduate level courses, and advanced options training at the CBOE option institute. Mr. Leonard is a dedicated private investor, and money manager. Solely, dedicated to attaining superior returns from intelligent security selection, based on economic, capital markets, sector, and specific security analysis. Mr. Leonard has designed various investment models, that profits in any market condition. Mr. Leonard is a wealth manger that is truly concerned about your needs and not fee’s. Allow Mr. Leonard to help you build a low-risk high-yield income portfolio. That will create generational wealth, financial independence, a family legacy.


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